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I hold a lectureship in Applied Mathematics at ETSIAE-UPM and specialise in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).
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My main research interests include: Fluid dynamics and numerical methods, h/p Spectral and Discontinuous Galerkin high order methods, aerodynamics, aeroacoustics, bluff body flows, turbulence modelling, flow stability, aeronautics and renewable energies such as wind and tidal turbines.

Very recent papers (only 2017):

J Manzanero, G Rubio, E Ferrer, E Valero, DA Kopriva, "Insights on aliasing driven instabilities for advection equations with application to Gauss-Lobatto discontinuous Galerkin methods"
Accepted Journal of Scientific Computing

- J Garicano-Mena, E Ferrer, S Sanvido, E Valero "A stability analysis of the compressible boundary layer flow over indented surfaces",

Computers & Fluids
, Vol 160, p 14-25, 2018
- E Ferrer, OMF Browne, E Valero, "Sensitivity analysis to control the far-wake unsteadiness behind turbines",
, Vol 10-1599, 2017
- E Ferrer, "An interior penalty stabilised incompressible Discontinuous Galerkin - Fourier solver for implicit Large Eddy Simulations",
Journal of Computational Physics
Vol 348, p 754-775, 2017
- LM Gonzalez, E Ferrer, HR Diaz-Ojeda, "Onset of three dimensional flow instabilities in lid-driven circular cavities",
Physics of Fluids 29, 064102, 2017
- K Bobrowski, E Ferrer, E Valero, H Barnewitz, "Aerodynamic Shape Optimization using Geometry Surrogates and Adjoint Method",
AIAA Journal, Vol 55(10), p 3304-3317, 2017
- A Abbas, G Bugeda, E Ferrer, S Fu, J Periaux, J Pons-Prats, E Valero, Y Zheng, "Review Article: Drag reduction via Turbulent Boundary Layer Flow Control",
Science China Technological Sciences (Springer), Vol 60(9), p 1281-1290, 2017